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6. Does BUPA insurance cover flight delays or lost luggage?

No. BUPA International is a medical plan only. If you want protection for flight delays, lost luggage, theft you will have to organise your travel insurance with another company.

7. I am attending an English course. Where will I do the Foundation course?

You must consult Cardlane about this matter. Cardlane will advise you regarding the most appropriate options in your case, considering the career you intend to pursue and the university’s location.

8. In what university I will study?

During Foundation Year, under your school advice, you will apply, via UCAS to up to six universities of your choice. The acceptance in higher ranking universities in the area you want will depend on your academic results as well as your IELTS testing. Cardlane always recommend the students to check the annual ranking, to visit the universities on “open days” and to consult us as well, as we follow all rankings and will be able to provide updated information regarding the university you intend to apply to.

9. I started university, but I want to change my course. Is it allowed?

Cardlane does not encourage or recommend course changes. We advise you to make a conscious decision before accepting your scholarship and entering the university.

Any course change must be authorised by your funding body Sonangol EP. P&P etc. and you will send Cardlane a signed document expressing the reasons why you want to change. This request will be submitted to the funding body and you will have to wait for the decision.

Regarding your student visa, any change of course will be informed to UK Borders and you may have to request a new visa.

10. I do not know any other Angolan scholarship students in the UK? Is there any student union that I could be part of?

Yes, please contact the Sonangol Students Union in the UK at the following address: aas_ru@hotmail.com.

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