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1. I need to see a doctor. What should I do?

On your arrival in the UK you will need to register at your local GP. If you do not know where to find them, ask your school, consult your local library or check on the site www.nhs.uk

If you need to see a specialist after seeing your GP, check on the Private Insurance Plan sector on this website.

2. I have a field trip at the university.Is it a reimbursable expense?

If the trip or visit is part of your school program, it will be reimbursed. However you should inform Cardlane and send all university relevant documents for analysis and authorisation.

3. In which day of the month Cardlane pays my monthly allowance?

All allowances leave Cardlane’s bank account on the first working day of the month. If the first day of the month is on a weekend or bank holiday, there might be a slight delay on the arrival of the payment into your account

4. How far in advance I should start the visa renewal process?

The UK Borders Agency recommends all students to start the process six weeks before the visa expiring date.

5. I am going to travel overseas during holidays. If I have any medical emergency, will my BUPA insurance cover my expenses?

BUPA International covers routine and emergency medical expenses worldwide with the exception of the USA. If you need to be seen by a doctor, please email us copies of all prescriptions, receipts and reports given to you abroad. Cardlane will start a claim process on your behalf and Bupa will reimburse you of the expenses incurred.

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