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Start taking the first steps towards a better future with scholarship management company, Cardlane Limited by your side every step of the way. We create opportunities for you, helping you succeed in your professional life in Angola.


Cardlane aims to assist you in becoming the professionals and leaders of tomorrow’s Angola, improving both your own as well as Angola’s prospects. Providing you with a point of contact and with full support during your stay abroad, we help to ensure you are academically and financially stable and that you remain healthy throughout your studies. Our invaluable contacts and links at the host school or university ensure that you will never be alone as a result of the priceless support network we provide.

With international education sector knowledge, experience and an excellent track record with partner schools, universities and commercial partners, Cardlane gives you the opportunity to study and graduate in some of the best British and European universities, and even universities in other continents.

Start the first day of the rest of your life today with Cardlane Limited.


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